Due to the increasing importance of pediatric hematologic disorders and pediatric hematologic congenital diseases in health, treatment, economics, and medical aspects; as well as the qualitative and quantitative development of the field in the medical universities in Iran, the necessity for developing such a research center becomes clear. Therefore, The SBMU Pediatric Congenital Hematologic Disorders Research Center (PCHDRC) began its correspondences in 2011 with SBMU related units, which finally resulted in its approval by the Minister of Health.

From among the three incurable chronic diseases under the coverage of Special Disease Insurance Support, two of them include the hematological congenital diseases. Based on the latest statistics, two third of the medicinal subsides are spent for these same two diseases. On the other hand, due to the geographic and racial position of our nation, as well as intra-familial marriages, malnutrition, and environmental pollution, many of the highly prevalent diseases in health occur in hematology and child cancer. One may note to the special hematologic strategic diseases (such as thalassemia, hemophilia, and cancer), the population growth, especially among those under the age of 15, and the presence of our nation in the belt of heredity hematologic diseases which are basically concentrated in deprived places of the country, and the problems of transferring patients with chronic diseases, on the one hand, and the theoretical and practical development of the field on the other hand, which all prepare the grounds for the development of such research centers in our country.

 Due to the sensitive and strategic, but ignored place of researches in hematologic diseases and child cancer, and the key and unique role of the SBMU, the establishment of the PCHDRC is an important step towards health in basic, and even applied and clinical researches.